Day: October 18, 2018

Exercise For Upper Abdominal Fat

Women often gather fat around their abdomen which disrupts their appearance. They accumulate fat in the lower as well as upper abdomen which makes them feel very conscious about their look. The major reasons for accumulation of upper abdominal fat are lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits which affect the way the body metabolizes the food consumed and expand the waist size. Even the stress adds extra pounds to your body. Sometimes, it might be even due to hereditary issues which can be rectified only through proper workouts. Here are the few ways you can follow to reduce the upper abdominal fat.

  • Performing sun salutation purifies the blood in the body and ensures proper working of stomach, liver and bowel system. This you can learn from a yoga trainer and practice as it includes a set of exercises involving certain breathing patterns.
  • Abdominal plank is an exercise that helps you remarkably reduce your upper belly fat and also tone your abdomen. Additionally it also tones your arm and thigh muscles.
  • It is important you follow a proper diet when you are on a mission to lose upper belly fat. Diet plays a major role in keeping you fit. You can sign up for programs like Nutrisystem that help you eat a balanced diet and lose weight. Check Jane Seymour comparison article that explains and highlights the differences between Nutrisystem and one of its competitors. Nutrisystem program majorly restricts your portion and calories and minimizes the fat intake so that you shed weight and also shed the extra flab. The program offers diet plans for women designed specifically to help them stay slim and fit.
  • Bicycle crunches are another effective upper belly fat burning exercise which can be performed at your home without any equipment.
  • Lunges and twists can be done with an exercise ball to trim your upper belly fat effectively.
  • Abdominal crunches using an exercise ball are also equally effective in trimming down your upper belly fat.