Day: October 26, 2018

iRig One im Test: Was taugt ein aufblasbares Segel?

It is quite natural for a new learner to be a bit nervous about the inflatable sail.   But iRig brings inflatable sails with unbeatable quality.  Get rid of uncertainty and fears about the performance of the sail.  Be ready for a joyful water ride with iRig one inflatable sail.

Yes.  It works beautifully on those waters.  Unfold the sail.  Inflate it with the pump.  The sail inflates in seconds.  You can fix it to the sailing board and start having a wonderful sail experience.

The product has the following plus points

iRig inflatable sail is absolutely lightweight.  It is 70% lighter when compared with normal sails available in the market.  So, carrying light luggage will provide uninterrupted fun during your weekends and vacations.  You need for fear about baggage weight during your vacation flights.

It can be easily fixed on inflatable Aufblasbare SUP Boards.  The outer surface of the Sail and board are hard and does not get damaged even by rocks of the seashore.  They come as a pack with all accessories.  So, it is hassle-free.

The sail is foldable.  It is very easy to carry.  You can enjoy those independent sailing moments.  You can carry the sail where ever you want.

It is wonderful for learners to use this sail.  The sail is stable in all wind conditions and it never breaks down.  These sails are very suitable for surfing schools.  They can be handled easily by kids also.

iRig was the first to introduce inflatable sail in the market.  In the surfing industry, this was nothing less than creating a revolution.  Quality of product is assured and there are thousands of satisfied users who vouch for the fun and safety.

The sails come in 3 types.  So, one can choose a range depending on his height and weight.

These sails are easily available online.  They come with offer bundles like free shipping, one-day delivery, Easy finance options.

So act now with confidence and give rest for your rowing hands.  Enjoy your free time using the inflatable sail.…