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Simple Wedding Shopping List: How to Plan a Wedding in 3 Months

So, it seems that your wedding is in three months, wow that’s a very very early time you say to yourself, it can be quite overwhelming and it will be a lot on your plate to deal with, what you really need to do is to get the things to get it done to get rid of all the panic and anxiety, go shop for all the wedding items at hand. This will help assuage you and make you feel more content about getting all of your work done, and it really is a lot easier than you perceive.

  • Get all the main things done: get a budget and a style planned

What do you want out of your wedding? A big fanciful wedding with tons of guests? Or a smaller party at a secluded location? Or a well-planned dinner party? You should try taking our quiz that shows what sorts of preferences you tend to have, you also need to understand and be cognizant of how much cash you will have, the weddings that most people have cost around 35,000$ without even taking into consideration the honeymoon that comes after. Another influence on the budget is how large the wedding will be, it costs more per person to add more people to the wedding list. The average number of people in a wedding is around 140 people give or take.

  • Find a place to book the wedding and setup a date

Places like clubs, hotels and parks usually are booked for a Friday, Saturday or a Sundar night, call them anyway and try to setup a different time like a Monday night or afternoon. Try to think outside the box when it comes to wedding venues. Here at pixelicious we recommend a smaller church.…