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How to Get Your Husband to Go Grocery Shopping

Use the below tips to get your husband to go grocery shopping:

Appreciate:  Appreciate him wholeheartedly for the shopping done.  Normally appreciation is ignored for doing such works.  Appreciation creates a miracle and motivates men to do it again and better.

Do not point out mistakes in front of others: Sometimes your husband might buy a low-quality item by paying the extra price.  He may not be aware of coupons or discounts.  If you point his mistakes and make fun of him in front of anyone else, then he will never stop grocery shopping altogether.  It does not mean that you have to live to tolerate all mistakes.  Softly point out the errors and train him slowly.

Make it a game/competition:  Make the shopping experience like a game of finding out the cheapest item.  Ask him to find out ways of saving money while shopping.  Read more at

Give the list in a way he understands:  Instead of mentioning as one Kg of potato- you can mention as 10 large sized potatoes.

Little rewards:  Reward your husband for the grocery shopping done.  The reward can be a small cake or ice cream or his favorite soup.  This will ensure that he stays interested in the activity.

Tie up shopping with an interesting event:  Don’t make grocery shopping as a series of boring tasks.  Husbands feel overloaded and get irritated.  Instead, you can include some task that might include his interests too.  For example, if he is a diet-conscious type ask him to explore such items stacked in the store.

Communication:  It is very important to communicate how you are benefitted by his help.  Also, let him know that by knowing grocery shopping he can learn to manage life when you are at travel out of the city and when he stays alone at home.  This will evoke his interest in the job.